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Life has knocked me down many a time, some by choice and some by force.  As I am constantly evolving  I have come to realize many things. In my lifetime I've come to realize there are three types of men:  those who will shower you, those who will empower you, and those that will devour you. Love doesn't always come easy but the harder it comes the more resilient I have become as a person!  I refuse to get bitter.  

  • Love those who love you back more than you love them
  • Learn from the ones who are willing to teach you
  • Pray for the ones who are users a.k.a losers

Faith will open doors that will astonish you and others.  Hope for things to change and take action to move things forward.  Love will offer peace in the most troubling of situations.  Perseverance will be necessary to hold on in the face of adversity.  Faith, hope, love and perseverance are the main ingredients for a joyful soul.  

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Encourage women to do more, be more, and seek more in the face of adversity rather than succumbing to pressure. To inspire single women to live beyond the shackles society constantly places on our very existence from the bedroom to the boardroom. Share and offer insight on navigating the road blocks that keep popping up along that highway called life, navigating within boundaries and limits until we get to the open road, keeping your inner soul in check when cashing out on everything else.  To go over those fine points when enough is enough sometimes quitting is an acquittal set yourself free. Staying humble and calm during the storms of distrust.


To live your best self:

  • Drown out the noise
  • Learn to say no
  • Always be true to self
  • Educate and re-educate because things change people don't


To build a network of women who still believe in the old fashioned way of doing things in the name of love.  Build a seed with greed and you'll end up with quantity over quality.